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Pure h2o Ice 900

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Pure h2o Ice 900

Pure H2Os Ice 900 combines a modern design with the latest technology. With a separate water delivery and a daily ice production of 44lbs, plus additional storage of 8lbs, this machine is perfect to cater for a high number of users: the ideal choice for busy workplaces and environments.

  • A versatile dispenser for ice and separate hot, cold and ambient water delivery. NEW user interface to prevent the inadvertent disabling of critical functions

  • Default function to cold: designed to automatically convert to cold water mode when in queue

  • Integrated ice-making and water-cooling system designed for high energy efficiency

  • Continuous water dispensing with a single touch

  • Leak detection system reducing risks of accident

  • Modern control panel with touch sensitive buttons for easy operations

  • Blue LED lighting function indicators

Ice 900_2020-1.png
Product Specs


17”/432mm (W) x 58.7”/1492mm (H) x 19.4”/495mm (D)


110V / 60Hz (220v / 50Hz)

Ice Production

44lbs (20kg)/day

Ice Storage

8lbs (3.6kg)



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