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H2O i16

Ice / Water Dispenser


Innovative Design & Technology

Combination ice maker & water dispenser

Dispenses chewable ice, as well as hot and room temperature water

TDS management technology featuring the ability to flush the evaporator

Advanced Hygiene Features


LED UV to help maintain water reservoir cleanliness. Installed in both ice bin and water circulation path (ice melt area)

Available with Wellsys advanced purification system

Touch-activated sensor operation for easy cleaning


Bullet-Proof Reliability

Extremely Versatile

Available with optional base cabinet to make free-standing

Only 23.6” high

H2O i16.png
Product Specs

Freestanding Weight

131 lbs (59.42 kg)

Countertop Weight

99 lbs (27.22 kg)

Freestanding Dimensions

51.6” h x 14.2” w x 23.6” d

(131.064 h x 36.068 w x 59.944 d)

Countertop Dimensions

23.6” h x 14.2” w x 23.6” d

(59.944 h x 36.068 w x 59.944 d)

Dispensing Height

11” (28 cm)

Ice Output

165 lbs. (74.9 kg) in 24 hours

Ice Storage Capacity

16.5 lbs. (7.3 kg)

Recommended Water Pressure

30 - 70 PSI

Rated Voltage/Frequency


Power Consumption

4.9 amps (565 W)


Drainless technology available in low TDS environments (<150 ppm)


5" sides, rear; Access to the top is required for service

Abstract Water

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