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H2O i12 (Ice/Water Dispenser)

Pure H2O's most popular model


Innovative Design & Technology

Hot, cold, and ambient water plus ice dispenser

Touchless sensor operation

Ergonomic comfort-height design


Advanced Hygiene Features

Built-in touch-less dispense

State-of-the-art reverse osmosis purification

Elegant “bullet” ice


Bullet-Proof Reliability

Leak protection system

Energy efficiency mode

H2O i12.png
Product Specs


119.5 lbs (54.2 kg)


16.9”w x 58.7”h x 19.4”d

Colt Tank Capacity

1.2 gallons (4.7 liters)

Ambient Tank Capacity

4.5 gallons (16.9 liters)

Hot Tank Capacity

1.2 gallons (4.6 liters)

Ice Production

44 lbs/day (19.9 kg/day)

Ice Storage

8.8 lbs/day (4 kg/day)

Dispense Area


Recommended Water Pressure

60-70 psi

Rated Voltage/ Frequency

110v/60Hz @ 6.5 amps

Power Consumption

2.83 kWh/24 hours

Abstract Water

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