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Pure H2O Sparkling

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Pure H2O Sparkling

Offers clean water through our purification process by removing sediment, chlorine, and bacteria while providing healthy drinking water.

The anti-microbial touchpad and surrounding surfaces protect against cross-contamination of germs within your workplace.

Our large dispense area and drip tray is perfect for all size containers.​


  • Sparkling water option only

  • Types of sparkling water: Countertop sparkeling or freestanding sparkeling

  • Ultra-hygienic touch sensitive control panel

  • Large 10.75” dispensing area for filling bottles and jugs

  • Sealed, hygienic, direct-chill cooling system

  • Biofilm, lime scale and impact resistant epoxy resin panel finish

  • Floorstanding base adds a convenient integral cup

  • Dispenser and an internal waste overflow tank

Product Specs

Countertop Dimensions


Freestanding Dimensions


Dispense Height


Cold Temperature Range

36.8˚ – 51.5˚ F

Cold Capacity

5.5 gallons per hour

Hot Temperature

197˚ F

Hot Capacity

1.5 gallons per hour

Abstract Water

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